About  Bjarney

Bjarney Ludviksdóttir, lifetime entrepreneur and passionate supporter of women´s empowerment, has become an expert in creating brands for women, including women in business, NGOs, the media etc. She studied film making and directing at the Icelandic Film School and later International Marketing at the University of Iceland. She is well known within Iceland for her successful charitable projects.
Her number one hobby is to shed a positive light on autism and she has done this with and through her autistic son Brynjar Karl. Brynjar has become somewhat of a "brand" He earned his nickname "the LEGO boy" because, at the age of 10, he built a 6.33 metre long replica of the TITANIC out of 56,000 LEGO bricks. Through that project, Bjarney and Brynjar are educating the public about autism (see brynjarkarl.com).

From an early age Bjarney was involved in the theatre, directing numerous plays and musicals.  In 2005 her career took a huge U-turn when she moved from being an active partner in Iceland’s first professional casting company to building up her own production and branding company.
In 2010 Bjarney, together with Runa Magnus, created the BRANDit Program, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs brand their business with purpose and passion.

In 2011 the BRANDit program won an award for capacity building from the European Union Women Inventors & Innovators Network.

Bjarney is the creator and producer of the biggest Christmas charity event in Iceland "Crazy Christmas“. Its aim is to support mental health within companies and raise funds for diverse organisations every year in cooperation with the Icelandic national broadcasting service "RUV“.

In 2013 Bjarney started filming some of the many brave women in India who have survived acid throwing attacks.  The documentary is now in post-production and will soon be released.
The heroines in Bjarney’s story became the role models at a fundraising event called “the butterfly event” hosted and organised by UN Women Iceland at the opera house in Reykjavík [when?]. Over 1000 women attended the event to show their support for the cause and to learn about the survivors´ stories.

As a passionate supporter of empowering women to run their own business, Bjarney co-founded a non-profit organisation “KVENEFLI” (empowering women in Iceland organisation) where women support other women and for that she received the 2010 “TIAW - World of Difference 100 Award” (www.tiaw.org).

Bjarney is a co-owner of model / casting agency“Eskimo models” (eskimo.is). She worked
with the company between 1997 and 2005 as the first professional casting director in Iceland. Her profile and track record is impressive and spans working with the biggest brands and companies  nationally as well as internationally.

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Bjarney Ludviksdottir - Director and Producer - mail: bjarney(at)brandit.is - tel: +354-824-4444